Renascence School International

Renascence School International strives for success in the new global environment
through strong academics and proficiency in foreign languages.


National recognition
In the spring of 2009, the Renascence School International (RSI), Panama City Campus received national recognition for the quality of its program.

Preparation for admission to top universities
The RSI program is designed to build outstanding proficiency in required subject matter, develop exceptional abilities in areas that are uncommon, offer opportunities for leadership, and provide the flexibility for students to make their experiences unique. The program offers math, science and language arts skills to top international levels; strong proficiency in the world's three most spoken languages; interdisciplinary creativity training; academic credit for customized arts, athletic and community service activities; intercampus exchange options; and school sponsored programs outside the US. Compare university preparation at RSI to other schools, How to obtain relevant information about a school's offerings

K-12 academic exposure employers want
The RSI program is structured to provide students with the skills 21st Century employers want - strong math and science skills, outstanding communication abilities, focus on creativity and problem solving, curriculum elements that encourage curiosity, strong world language skills and cultural awareness. 2011 US university grad job statistics, Employer needs, Compare the skills of typical RSI students and typical US students, Compare RSI employment preparation to other schools, How to obtain relevant information about a school's offerings

Daily foreign language instruction
Students learn the most spoken foreign languages: Mandarin Chinese & Spanish. Outstanding reading, writing & speaking skills are developed. Benefits of foreign language learning, World communication percentages, Compare RSI foreign language learning to other schools

Focus on creativity and problem solving
RSI, has a creativity curriculum that encourages children to think outside the box and combine knowledge from the arts with science and math. Why creativity exposure is necessary

Fun, nurturing learning environment
At RSI, learning is fun! In addition, RSI knows and understands each child is special. You will be amazed what your child can learn under the loving guidance of the RSI teachers.